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You Hit the Wall

Access to this feature is restricted to a higher level of club access

More features in the club are available at higher access levels.

Consider upgrading to more features, more event options, and a more elite experience

Club Cloud

Membership Process

Get an Elemental Account and access public areas, buy from members, and from the store, and get offers for exclusive public events. Its Free, register here

Access to Virtual Club is by subscription, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Subscriptions give you access to the Virtual Club, Online parties, Video groups and more for as little as £10/m

Club Cloud

Account Upgrade

  • All Virtual Club Features
  • Live Video Chat in Group and Direct
  • Main Club Groups- Join and Party
  • Access to Bronze Events - physical in club events
  • All Bronze Plus
  • Special Interest Groups like Hotwives, BDSM, Couples Only, Gay, Women Only
  • 10% in store discount
  • Exclusive Free Entry to Silver Events
  • All Bronze and Silver Plus
  • Club Entry to all Events
  • Priority Special Events
  • 10% Discount in Club and in Store
  • Gold VIP Chat, and Video Parties