Rule #1
We respect each other and act cordially at all times

Rule #2
We Respect the Confidentiality of our Members at all times

Rule #3 Safe Video- No recording, or sharing of Member content of any type

Club Cloud code of conduct

Discretion – What happens here virtually or in Club stays in the Club. We don’t discuss with non-members what happens in club or virtual parties

Tolerance – We tolerate all faiths, races, creeds, colours, and sexual dispositions. No discrimination is tolerated in the club. But there’s usually a community for everyone. If you don’t see one, start it!

Respect – We treat all members with respect. Harrassing, innapropriate conduct can lead to expulsion. We respect the law and play safe.

Safe Video – Phones in Club are allowed but not for videos. We don’t record community members in parties or calls. We maintain discretion. 

Do you Accept our Community Terms?


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