Body Positivity and Sex

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How Loving Your Body Makes You A Better Lover

Body positivity paves the way to new sexual horizons

When you love your body, you’re willing to let it perform, explore and experience sex in new and exciting ways. Rather than worrying about how you look, you’re able to indulge in sexual sensations with a genuine focus on how they feel.

Loving your body makes it more likely that you’ll be willing to try new positions, moves, and techniques. You’re less likely to be inhibited by negative self-talk (e.g. Does the lighting make me look bony in this position?) and more likely to delight in the endeavor itself. Rather than worrying about what your partner is thinking (e.g. Can they see the birthmark when I’m down on my knees?), you can put your energy into moving, grinding, bouncing, thrusting and/or breathing in a manner to enhance your pleasure — and your partner’s.

Positive Contagion – When you love your body, your partner is likely to be more at ease with their physical appearance, as body image is contagious. People who fraternize with peers who speak disparagingly about their own bodies are likely to do the same. It follows that how you feel about your body affects how your partner sees you and how they see themselves. Research also suggests that confidence is the ultimate sexual attractor, so ditch the negative body talk and find reasons to love your body.

Enjoying the body you have.