Virtual Video Office

MyVideoRoom Plugin means you can build virtual video workspaces with individual video rooms for employees to use. Each hotspot (Seat) on a scene is associated with a video room (Table). 

Which means that while defining where hotspots go on a plan, they can be grouped such that an individual scene can have multiple rooms. the example below is a simple 2 employee office whereby each member of staff has their own dedicated video space. any visitors will arrive in reception, the occupants will be alerted with a “Knock Knock” tone. The visitors can then be dragged and dropped into hotspots in an office or every one can have a “seat” in the Boardroom.

Click the active hotspots below to find out more.

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£ 4
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 10 Concurrent Users *
  • Add more user capacity as subscription options


£ 65
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 30 concurrent users *
  • Add more user capacity as subscription options


  • Multiple Domain Solutions
  • Dedicated Video Servers
  • Consultation on how to get the most out of your solution

Need more users for a short term? Add more users and only pay for what you need

Block Of 10 Extra Users

£ 25
valid for 1month
  • Expand your concurrent user limit by 10
  • Add multiples of 10 users as you configure your Basic or Advanced subscription.