Get the most out of ClubCloud with the ClubCloud Xtras Plugin

ClubCloud Extras Plugin is a purpose built set of functions that quickly integrate the basic ClubCloud Video Plugin to Social and Commerce functions such as Buddypress, WooCommerce and WCFM

Admin Specific Video Room Rights

Use the ClubCloud Extras Plugin to setup video meeting rooms that are specific to site Admins and have secure controlled access for non site Admin users

Personal Meeting Spaces

Give registered users a dedicated video space that they have access control for. Users and child accounts can be given isolated video room access to invite their guests to

Groups Video Rooms

Integrate ClubCloud Video Plugin with Groups and social site modules. Give members of Groups on a site a dedicated themed meeting place that is accessible to group members only

Personal Video Meeting with Buddypress Integration


E-Commerce Video Enabled Stores

Seamlessly give online stores an integrated video storefront that will enhance any online store or shop. Give vendors the chance to get face to face with their online customers

Turn Video Sessions Into Bookable Products

Enable users to set up bookable video sessions and the mechanism by which to make money with their ClubCloud Video Plugin.

Customizing the Room

You can edit your room look and feel with any page editor of your choice – the page must contain the shortcode [ ccsitevideoroom]

You can change the room name, its URL, and its parent page in the normal pages interface of WordPress.

This room will allow any site admin as a Host, and everyone else will be a guest. For private meetings, please use your own Personal Video Room

Personal Meeting Rooms

The Personal Meeting Room is an individually controlled meeting room with its own Reception Area, Room Layout Selection, and Privacy setting by user. It is created automatically by the plugin, at activation. It is secured such that any user of the site is an owner of the room

BuddyPress Profile Room Support

This module adds a personal meeting room of the user straight into the BuddyPress profile of the user. This Video Room is the same room as in the Personal Meeting Tab, and entrances, settings, invitations and reception settings work the same across both rooms. The room functions as a BuddyPress specific entrance from the BuddyPress environment into the User’s personal Video Space.

Bookings Video Settings

Please note this applies for single site WooCommerce Bookings settings only. For Multi-Store applications please see the WooCommerce Frontend Manager Tab. If you have WCFM Installed this Room Configuration only applies to the Main Store, and the Merchant Stores select their own settings.

WCFM Merchant Video Room Default Settings

This room will allow any store owner or staff member of the store as a Host, and everyone else will be a guest. For private meetings, please use your own Personal Video Room

Bookings are handled separately if WooCommerce Bookings is installed, each booking generates its own meeting room automatically, the store room is designed for public and not booking use