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Most frequent questions and answers

For Me

You have a Private 1:1 room, a private conference room, as well as group clubhouses, main club lounge, and VIP areas

All Members Get:

A Private Video Room – 1:1, and 1:few meetings with anyone. Just send a link and meet.

Main Club Video Clubhouse – The main stage of the club is a meeting point where you can pop in, chat and socialise in any table in the Club

Club Video Groups – Our communities are video enabled, meaning any special interest group has a video clubhouse that you can pop into, or meet at regular times. Its super easy to meet your community online in the club. Messages, minutes, notes, etc are kept in the Group’s forum (or switched off for privacy)

Our Video Solutions are free to members at Bronze and above.

The elite services are free to Elite accounts. VIP Rooms, VIP Conferencing, Virtual waiting rooms, and private consultation rooms are for Gold member, or Professional Vendor accounts and above

We have a VIP video offering for our Gold customers, our invitation only cards, and for our premium merchants.

Premium accounts get in addition to normal services the following:

Private Meeting Concierge – a dedicated link your guests may join your private meeting room 24/7 (they can only join if you are in the room)

Branded Rooms – Your consultation room, or private VIP suite can be customised to your taste from several templates

Elite VIP lounges- Away from the main club area, a secure tightly controlled VIP only lounge with its own beautiful look

We have gone through great lengths to make our experiences safe, private, and discreet. We do several things to ensure your peace of mind

No Shared Details

The club does not share any personal details of its members (even with video). At no time is any detail (e-mail, telephone, or any Personally identifiable information) given to your meetings, guests or counterparties. Solutions like FaceTime, Whatsapp, Zoom, etc all require you to send a link to the user by mail, message, text etc. In our world all you need is the members club name. 

No Public Infrastructure

Our servers are private, managed by the club and separately secured. This means we maintain security constantly, and encrypt all meetings, and destinations end to end. We use industry grade robust technology.

No Apps needed

Our solution doesnt require the installation of anything in your PC, Tablet, or Mobile. There are no apps to worry about, no possibility of tracking, or any involvement from outside parties. When you are done, close your browser, and nothing remains. 

Our platform allows you to have video events, and handle admission control, tickets, and post-event content. Anyone in the club can use our events platform to put on an amazing show

For My Business

Secure, private, dedicated, and with no apps, or software installs. Completely browser based and secure

Your business can use our members platform to deliver any service virtually

Examples include:

Services – Consultations, Camera sessions, advice, and other video calls, without the hassle of invites, meeting links, and software installs. Click and join

Bookings– You can maintain an availability calendar of services and charge for them. Book resources, and time

Integrated Billing– The self service platform allows you to bill, set prices, timeslots, and everything in your own self service area.

No service that is illegal or subject to government restriction may be sold on our platform. We reserve the right to de-list and cancel accounts for any non-compliance

Our Video Solutions are free to members at Bronze and above.

The elite services are free to Elite accounts. VIP Rooms, VIP Conferencing, Virtual waiting rooms, and private consultation rooms are for Gold member, or Professional Vendor accounts and above

When you customer completes their checkout, we take a payment from them by credit card. We accept most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), like other major marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, etc)

In Your Store dashboard you can request a payment withdrawal anytime from us. We EFT money straight into your bank account. It usually takes 3-5 days for money that’s been debited from a Credit card to reach our account. As soon as it has, its available to you right away.

Our Payment platform in Europe is Stripe which is a very secure, and compliant payment solution, and we accept almost all credit cards from your customers. 

Unlike most platforms, our marketplace allows you to manage your own bookings, times, rooms, and resources online at no extra charge.

You can easily use it to book any type of service from your house for the weekend to a spa treatment. Customers on the front end, can see your times available and book and pay direct.

Your store is fully available online to the whole world. You can pay Google, FaceBook, Bing, etc to bring them to your store and advertise. This is great for all of us. 

We do however ask vendors to refrain from posting advertising links in club main communities or chats. This is to keep our communities focused on their interests.

How do I Sign Up?

Step 1- Get a Club Membership

Step 2- Activate your account (for business only)

Step 3- Use Video

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