Foot Fetishes

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This is a group for like-minded people who are curios to share and explore their love of feet, toes, and ankles.

This is a safe space to learn what excites others and how they fulfil their “feetish” desires as well as sharing their own ideas and experiences either through chatting or sharing posed foot pictures. These pictures may vary according to the many tastes and preferences, some pictures may be of beautiful feet in their natural form or painted toenails, showing the most desired coloured nails and preferred sides of the foot or it may depict feet with adornments such as jewellery or henna tattoos. Other photos may be of feet placed in tasteful hosiery or socks or in various styles of high heels or sandals, pretty much anything that tickles your fancy…

As each person has their own specific preferences and tastes so one needs to be open minded and communicate in a transparent way this goes without say to always be respectful of other members boundaries and requests. This is paramount and will ultimately create a mutual respect as well as a memorable experience for all parties involved and hopefully recreate this experience so it can be shared.

If this is your kink … then jump in and massage your way to virtually tickle, titillate and touch some sensational feet.