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Women, it’s about damn time we stopped having sex purely for the benefit of men’s pleasure. We’ve spoken before about how women run the world, but why aren’t we running the bedroom? It’s time to start thinking about our needs.

Women are still regularly shamed for liking sex (you know, those delightful names a woman gets called if she sleeps with a few people, but men are greeted with a high five if they do likewise), so Club Elemental created a space for women who aren’t afraid of that taboo and know how they like and want to have sex.

Some people prefer to be anonymous. But it depends on the age. Women over the age of 30 are careful about their privacy. But people under 30 don’t care. They are more free about their identity, they are less embarrassed, they are more likely to say, “No, I’m exploring myself it’s fine.”

The narrow definitions of sexuality have been challenged dramatically in recent years. As has the idea of the traditional monogamous relationship. We’re experiencing a new age of sexual experimentation as young people reject conformity in sex and relationships. And, while Club Elemental encourages the expression of freedom and sexuality, what they really want is to instill confidence in women.

This is an group that requires bravery. And doing something you’ve never done before with people you don’t know, that requires courage.

Confidence makes you somebody else.