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We want to empower every website and everyone to do video

the Market Gap in Interactive Video

There are Millions of people and businesses that would like to do many of their Activities by video.....not just talk.

They Need to
  • Sell
  • Support
  • Exercise
  • Learn
  • Consult
  • Perform
  • Celebrate
  • Work
  • Community
together from anywhere, at anytime.

This Community owns 100 Million Websites and Apps out there…few can use the power of interactive video

Because Its Expensive

Lack of Platform, Infrastructure, Security and Code skills in Video

Because Its Hard

No easy way to link Video to platforms that DO stuff people care about

Because it’s Do it Yourself

No plug and go solution – only APIs, SDKs, and vendor tech Jargon

So We Make it Easy to Add Activity Video Rooms to Apps and Websites without needing any Code

Meetings and Events

Virtual Offices

Retail, Virtual and E-Stores


Straight Forward Video Calls

Consultations, Performances, and Bookings

We do This on Any Device

on the most popular Internet Web platforms and plugins

and for people without websites.. an easy inexpensive platform cheaper and more powerful than Zoom or the like

A full featured consumer platform

Easy No commitment Monthly Model

Video Plus Activities, Stores, Offices, Causes

With E-Commerce Built-In

the Commercial opportunity


For Web Sites

80M Sites on Worpress

Plus 20M more on other main platforms

0.25% attach

Add Video to Popular WP Plugins to drive attach
Give margins of 20-30% to partners

110M Dollars a Year

ARR of $46.09 24 M Lifetime ~1000USD

SaaS Value Prop

Powerful Video that Does Stuff

Virtual Offices, Consulting, Paid for Meetings, Events, Webinars, Board Meetings, Receptionists
all built into subscription. Quantum Leap Forward

Less Expensive

Team: 75% cheaper: 10 Person Virtual Office costs $29.99/m -- 10 Zoom Licenses cost $120/m

100M Dollars a Year

Based on 1% market share of 10B Video Market growing 10%CAGR -2030


Video Core

1200 Sessions / Server

USD 40$/month /server
No Capex, Pay as you Go cloud hardware
Density Improves with Time (Moores Law)

Open Source Innovation

Easy for Community to Make Plugins
Profit model for partners Crossover from Plugins to our own SaaS

60% Margin

7.5%COGS, 7.5% Opex, 25% average Partner Margin - 60% remaining

the Social Impact

We want to do this for a more equitable, green world that embraces new ways of connecting

Life Style


Education, Social/Community Network, Professional Bodies, Outreach sites all with immersive Video allowing more people to join in

Do From Home

Video Technology that makes it easier to do what you do, from home. Converting Millions of previously "unzoomable" jobs into balanced lives

Your Platform Your Data

Many mass platforms from Hopin, OnlyFans, and others take larger commissions, and keep user data. We provide means to run their own


Less Travel

Thousands of new activities become Video Enabled, making the choice of when to travel yours, and lessening travel carbon

Less Paper

By Integrating Video into other software much paper is reduced as things can be done in one call without referrals, forms, and documents which can be completed on the call.

Less E-Waste

We use only normal device cameras, microphones, screens etc, and don't need special soon to be obsolete equipment.


Level Playing Field

Developers, Websites, individuals, and small businesses can use state of the art tech with no code giving them a chance to compete with the big players bridging the gap. Individuals can use a ready to go SaaS platform


Reducing Complexity reduces the digital divide. We make rooms that look and feel like the real room you would go into, and make it easy for users of all skill levels to participate


Both our SaaS, and Server versions are priced for global relevance. With many use cases costing a fraction of incumbents. This allows a new much bigger impact to many people

An Experienced Team Worth Backing

Our Execution and Trajectory

Prototype & MVP

June ‘20 to now

Investment Driver >£200k Founder & Revenue Funded

Launch WordPress Plugin

First 12 months

Investment Driver £950k Seed Investment

  • Launch Video Modules for popular WP Plugins
  • Attach to 0.5% of 80M Sites by supporting popular WP Plugins

Scenario Plugins & SaaS (no Plugin) Version

9-18 months

Investment Driver £900K Loan

  • Package Events, Virtual Offices, Consulting, Popular High Margin Video and productize it for WP and SaaS

Expand to Other Popular Ecosystems

18-24 months

Investment Driver  >£2M Debt & Revenue

  • Widen out of WP Ecosystem to popular E-commerce sites that have plugin architecture

Expand to Other Ecosystems

24+ months

Investment Driver >£5M Debt & Revenue

  • Video Clients and Plugins for Devices, Ecosystems, and Desktops make MVR the global client for Video
woocommerce integrated

Have We Built it Yet ?...........Yes

We've Launched Our Video Cloud, and Our First Web Platform (WordPress)

Try the Interactive Room

guest View



As a Guest Click Join

Wait in Reception

Host view



When the Guest Knocks- Drag them Into a Seat. Then take your own seat.

Different Rooms can’t see each other and are private

Switch between layout and Video by clicking on the top left

You Can Share Screen, Chat, kick out users, record etc

Our SaaS platform is at Alpha, and has the plugin software integrated.

Success is a Team Sport, We need you !

Connect to ClubCloud

Join our work to Change the World and bring Video to everyone

Tell us you care about Empowering the World with Video, give us feedback and direction, connect to our community

We’ve been around long enough to know we know nothing, if you are an experienced tech investor, professional, or business person who could spare an advisory role, or even just a call. We’d love to give you a free copy of the platform for your trouble !

ClubCloud has a hiring plan for developers, infrastructure people, partner managers, dev-ops and testers. Register with us your interest to help bring Video Enabled everything to the next billion people. 

ClubCloud is in the final stages of UK EIS investment scheme approval. We believe we have a very strong platform, business model, and market opportunity, with an experienced team that will help change the world of physical to video enabled. If you share this vision, contact us.

After the successful launch of our First WordPress plugin, we are going for taking our SaaS Alpha Platform into production. We need your help!

MyVideo Room has plugins available for WordPress already, and is porting to Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and other popular platforms. You can help us port, review our projects, and help build open source video plugins.

The MyVideoRoom model allows for significant rebate, and customer or partner affiliate discounts. If you want to become a re-seller partner and get your own license server, then please reach out to us. Video projects have a 10X or more return on margin, so you will make much more on services than our (perpetual) rebate. 

We started this business to revolutionise Video, and make anything you can do in a place, do-able from Video. If you want to help, tell everyone about what we’re doing, and help us make Video easy, affordable, and fun and bring the world together. 

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