Making money with MyVideoRoom Plugin

Here are some examples of how to make money with a video enabled platform.

Where people usually leave a social website to use another application for video chats, Why not build video chat into a membership platform?

  • A website with 3000 users all paying £10/month
  • With 10% concurrent usage (300 people on video chat at any time)
  • Gross income £30,000/month
  • Cost to facilitate 300 concurrent video users per month approx. £900/month
  • Making in excess of 3000% return

Set up a video speed dating site and hold 15 events in one month each of up to 30 participants.

  • Each speed dating participant might pay £10 to join an event
  • The site would only require the PREMIUM subscription for £65.99/mo
  • The 15 events could bring in £4500 in a month
  • Making in excess of 6700% return

Imagine a Law firm who needs a more effective way to video meet with clients. Their own website could do just that and combine a membership subscription with video access to employees. A firm using no more than 30 concurrent video users at any one time would not need to charge their clients much to cover the costs of an imbedded, dedicated and secure video platform

  • Monthly cost of £65.99
  • Shared over just 100 clients is less than 1£ per client to give all clients the capability to video chat with their lawyer at no extra cost to them.

A price tag for video meeting capability can easily cost in excess of £12 per user per month. And even more so when it comes to adding multiple meeting rooms or parallel video streams.

  • A ClubCloud solution that enables a workforce of 100 people to be using online video at a rate of 25% at any time will spend less than £70 to do so. The equivalent in other video platforms would be over £200 per month. 

Use this cost estimator to find out how much it might cost to use ClubCloud Video Plugin based on expected concurrent user load

[stm-calc id="27441"]

Some Worked Examples

52 Concurrent Users

£ 143
  • Requires Premium subscription with 60 concurrent user option

66 Concurrent Users

£ 169
  • Requires Premium subscription with 70 concurrent user option

15 Concurrent Users

£ 30
  • Requires Basic subscription with 20 concurrent user option