New Features, Elite Video

We have just completed a massive investment in video capabilities for our premium members which we are excited to share. The Club Mainstage, The Elite Boardrooms, and VIP Suite are now live. As well as the exclusive VIP lounge (no pictures, its exclusive). 

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We are delighted to roll out new members features in video. We have now released to the club community at Gold and above (Ambassador, Black Card, White Card). A New VIP conferencing, meeting, and private suite capabilities. 

We have beautiful externally available meeting areas for you to delight and enjoy. 

The Elite Boardroom

A 10 Seater beautifully appointed, and decorated. With Integrated optional recording, screen blurring, and tier 1 app-less conferencing. Available to Gold+ members.

The Club Main Stage

Designed for clubwide events and performances, the Mainstage has video feed of main event built in alongside tables. Allowing you to chat and interact whilst the main event continues

Elite VIP – Private Room

The existing 1:1 video room gets a premium makeover. For consultations, private meetings, and 1:1s Gold+ members get their own dedicated VIP suite in addition to all other club video facilities