Secure Video Rooms

Protect your meetings and videorooms

A Video Meeting Platform You Can Trust

Encrypted video calls for your website with user permissions, meeting controls, encryption and much more

Meeting Hosts

Allow meeting hosts to control entry and exit of meetings and allow meetings to only start once the host has joined.


Video sessions are end-to-end encrypted (e2ee). Not even administrators or MyVideoRoom Services can view sessions.

Expel Attendee/s

Expel attendees when necessary. Meeting hosts cannot be expelled from their own meetings.

Suspend User Control

Mute or suspend screen sharing and other user controls (including recording) in a session or at a global setting for the entire site.

Lock Meeting

Lock individual meetings, so no further participants can join the session, or allow only certain types of users to join.

Enable Reception

Have attendees wait in a customised reception area until the host or other meeting attendees are ready to let them enter the virtual meeting room.

Site Wide Control

Site administrators can lock down various settings such as recording and recption at a global level for the entire site.

User Permissions

Allow permissions at a per user or authorised user role level, allowing for example vendors to set meeting settings.

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