Themed Rooms

Create the perfect digital setting for your guests

Making connecting digitally, personal

With a large number of pre-designed rooms for work, home, play and events and our room designer coming soon, your video chat has never been this personal for your WordPress site.

For Work

Unique Offices and Boardroom, many to choose from and new ones being added daily

..and many more

For Home

Cosy Lounges, formal dining rooms or special occasion settings, there is something for everyone

Video Room Map
Welcoming (20)
Welcoming (21)

..and many more

For Play

Sport themed rooms and venues, parties and character themed rooms

Welcoming (23)
Welcoming (24)
Welcoming (25)

..and many more

For Events

For corporate or social events, big or small there is a template available

Large Themed Meetings
Welcoming (28)

..and many more

The MyVideoRoom service offers the ability to give an embedded video meeting on a site a theme or style that is completely unique and personal. From events to casual meetings at home, we have a variety of templates available to create the perfect digital setting. 

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