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Click on the Seat You Want to Sit At

Interact With the People at Your Table

You Can leave at any time, and change table areas that are empty

Hover over someone to see if you know them. If you don’t normal rules apply to joining someone in a real table

If you want to go into a private booth you can invite someone into your VIP booth.

This Tour shows our Toolbox World

Warm Welcome to Club Cloud

Made with Pride by ClubCloud

Club Cloud Communications

Private Member Reception


A Warm Welcome To Elemental Meetings

Enter Your Members host club name into the Concierge form, you will then be taken to their suite

In the room, please click on a glowing Gold circle to take a seat.

When your host arrives you will be notified from the lobby, enter your name, and request admission. Your host will let you in. 

Your connections are fully private, encrypted, and on Private servers. 

Have a Great Meeting

I'm Here to See.......

In their:

The Member's name is their club name - they would have given this to you before the meeting. For Privacy we do not give out Members names, or confirm the existence of meetings

Choose Suite if this is a private meeting, or Boardroom for larger sessions. You can try both options, just come back here if you are all alone in a room

Club Cloud Communications

Fully Private Encrypted Meetings

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