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Lobby and Reception

Lobby option with streaming news video to add a layer of security to their active video conferences. A knocking sound will alert to an arrival

Themed Meeting Spaces

Experience personalised video with themed meeting spaces, create your own of pick from a library.

Secure Video

Ensure video meetings are only attended by those the the meeting is intended for.

Unique User Interface

Enter video chats via our exclusive image hotspot system that adds a layer of originality and fun to your video meet.

Scene Designer

Use MyVideoRoom's scene designer to add your own interface scenes for video chat. Let your creativity create a special place to meet

Secure Video

Get connected with a ready made room or use our fully featured plug-ins to connect directly to MyVideoRoom services

plug-in for.....

Your next member site, Your next ecommerce site, Your next shopfront, Your next professional services site

Monetize Video

Integrate video content with E-commerce sites. Easily add branding to video conferencing functionality

In Video Shared Basket

UNDER DEVELOPMENT Allow BOTH Customer and Retailer control over shopping basket during video call to assist in online buying. Please submit a presales enquiry for more information.

Videochat Updated

Branded video meeting rooms for your clients. Build virtual offices spaces, virtual trade shows and multi-room chat.


Video Chat integrated allows for platform users to be alerted to and readily respond to video calls.

Built-in Integrations

Your go-to plug-in for anything video

A virtual video speed dating site to compete with Tinder or Grindr 

Virtual Offices where employees can work from home but have a video presence for colleagues or clients

Client interaction platform to more effectively monetize employee’s time 

Imagine The Possibilities

Monetizable video chat by the minute for content providers of all types

Video Trade Shows; monetize and secure access to video events

Powerfully combine E-Commerce, Social and Events platforms with seamless Video functionality

“ClubCloud gave us a unique video platform to help allow sports coaches beat the lockdown”



£ 4
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 10 Concurrent Users *
  • Add more user capacity as subscription options


£ 65
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 30 concurrent users *
  • Add more user capacity as subscription options


  • Multiple Domain Solutions
  • Dedicated Video Servers
  • Consultation on how to get the most out of your solution

Need more users for a short term? Add more users and only pay for what you need

Block Of 10 Extra Users

£ 25
valid for 1month
  • Expand your concurrent user limit by 10
  • Add multiples of 10 users as you configure your Basic or Advanced subscription.