Virtual Training Seminar

The MyVideoRoom plug-in enables you to build virtual video training or meeting spaces with individual video rooms for larger or smaller groups to use. Each hotspot (seat) in a scene is associated with a video room (table). 

While defining where hotspots go on a plan, they can be grouped such that an individual scene can have multiple rooms. The example below is a simple 32 Seater seminar room with hotspots for each attendee. Break out rooms are separate video spaces where the larger gatherings can break out into sub-groups for focused work.

Click the active hotspots below to find out more.

Host up to 30 attendees, record sessions including breakout rooms for the ultimate virtual seminar

MyVideoRoom for Business

Supports through plug-ins

120 Users

£ 22
  • Ideal for up to 30 person organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 60 Concurrent Users *

160 Users

£ 45
  • Ideal For up to 40 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 120 concurrent users *

200 Users

£ 75
  • Ideal For Up to 50 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room on 1 Domain
  • Host Up To 200 Concurrent Users*

Need to hold a Video Centred Event with Many Visitors and multiple meeting sessions? We do Events and large scale solutions too.

Enterprise & Events

  • If you wish to hold video based events with larger numbers of users, please get in touch
  • We will deploy dedicated servers and infrestructure to support your online video event