Video Integrated Member Platform

MyVideoRoom Plugin allows you to include easy-to-use video meetings on a social membership driven platform, without having to leave to use third party video apps. MyVideoRoom integrates with Buddypress seamlessly, allowing for users and groups to have dedicated video rooms.

User retention on a site is very important with major online providers doing everything they can to avoid clicks that might take someone away. With the MyVideoRoom plugin you can retain users who need the function of Video Chat.

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Turn your members site into a 24/7 club house for members to meet, even when meeting in person is difficult

MyVideoRoom for Business

Supports through plug-ins

Ideal for WooCommerce Video Stores

  • Adds a video meeting room to your E-commerce website making it a video store
  • Share and populate your customer's basket while in a video call
  • End the video call with a Sale

Or for any other type of website where adding localised and in-context video meetings will enhance your users experiences. For example, a BuddyPress social website enabling each user to have a personal video meeting space or Groups to have a secure video meeting page just for them. Chose your membership level based on how many people you would like to be able to be on a video call across your site at any time


£ 14
  • Ideal for up to 20 person organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 50 Concurrent Users *


£ 22
  • Ideal for up to 30 person organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 100 Concurrent Users *


£ 45
  • Ideal For up to 40 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 200 concurrent users *


£ 75
  • Ideal For Up to 50 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room on 3 Domain
  • Host Up To 340 Concurrent Users*

Need to hold a Video Centred Event with Many Visitors and multiple meeting sessions? We do Events and large scale solutions too.