Do you need a site for your organisation's members or get more members?

Take your community online

We can turn any part of your website into members-only with just a few clicks or give you a fully integrated social / member centric website.

Its easily to simply lock access to any page of your website then choose what people pay to get access to.  We can create memberships for anything you want. For example; courses, video tutorials, member directories, and more while giving you 100% control over the look & feel.

We allow you to guide and inform us about what you really want to get out of a website. We will really take the time with a dedicated team that will truly understand the philosophy and drivers at the core of your business so that they can shine through your new website.

Embed Video chat

Video meeting integration is a big part of the user experience and we can integrate this power into your website enabling you to give a whole new level of personal care to your customers.

ClubCloud’s own video meeting plugin integrates seamlessly with websites bringing a new dimension to a commerce or sales site. Imagine being able to meet face-to-face with your online customers and help them configure their ideal product. This powerful tool is brimming with potential.

Responsive sites for mobile

More than half of the internet traffic these days is accessed via a mobile device or tablet. With this in mind ClubCloud ensure that every page of your site will be optimised for mobile and tablet users.

Group Video Chat

Give common interest groups in a social platform dedicated video chat rooms where they can catch up to enjoy their common interest. Group video chat rooms can be set with security levels such that only group members can attend a video meeting.