Virtual Video Office

The MyVideoRoom plug-in enables you to build virtual video workspaces with individual video rooms for employees to use. Each hotspot (seat) on a scene is associated with a video room (table). 

While defining where hotspots go on a plan, they can be grouped such that an individual scene can have multiple rooms. The example below is a simple 2 employee office whereby each member of staff has their own dedicated video space. When visitors arrive in reception, staff will be alerted with a knocking tone. The visitors can then be “seated” via drag&drop into hotspots in an office or in the boardroom.

Click the active hotspots below to find out more.

Choose from a collection of templates to design your office or the boardroom

MyVideoRoom for Business

Supports through plug-ins

120 Users

£ 22
  • Ideal for up to 30 person organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 60 Concurrent Users *

160 Users

£ 45
  • Ideal For up to 40 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room On 1 Domain
  • Host up to 120 concurrent users *

200 Users

£ 75
  • Ideal For Up to 50 person Organisations
  • Use My Video Room on 1 Domain
  • Host Up To 200 Concurrent Users*

Need to hold a Video Centred Event with Many Visitors and multiple meeting sessions? We do Events and large scale solutions too.

Enterprise & Events

  • If you wish to hold video based events with larger numbers of users, please get in touch
  • We will deploy dedicated servers and infrestructure to support your online video event