Adding immersive video capabilities to your website has never been this simple

Immersive video experiences for your WordPress website

Get your team, club, collegues or friends connected with video through your website, using our admin friendly plug-ins

Lobby and Reception

Lobby option with streaming news video to add a layer of security to their active video conferences. A knocking sound will alert to an arrival

Themed Meeting Spaces

Experience personalised video with themed meeting spaces, create your own of pick from a library.

Unique User Interface

Enter video chats via our exclusive image hotspot system that adds a layer of originality and fun to your video meet.

Secure Video

Ensure video meetings are only attended by those the the meeting is intended for.

Scene Designer

Use MyVideoRoom's scene designer to add your own interface scenes for video chat. Let your creativity create a special place to meet

Fully featured plug-ins

Get connected with a ready made room or use our fully featured plug-ins to connect directly to MyVideoRoom services

Get more from MyVideoRoom with these Plug-in features

Room Visualiser

Video enable your website in a couple of minutes, with a step by step guide to activate, design your room and set security

Welcoming (13)

A getting started wizard

Video enable your website in a couple of minutes, with a step by step guide to activate, design your room and set security

Permissions and Security

Set room or site wide permissions simply and easily, ensuring no unwanted visitors to meetings, whilst giving guests a fluent and intuitive experience.

Welcoming (15)

Popular Integration Plug-ins coming soon

For WooCommerce

Do video-assisted selling easily and simply. Host customers in your virtual store and interact with them, like they are there

Assisted Selling

Add Video to your WooCommerce website and start selling with video for a more interactive experience.

Virtual Webstores

Create a comfortable and unique environment to virtually host your customers for a more intimate online selling experience.

For BuddyPress

Bring members together and monetise your community with video enabled membership sites

User Profile Rooms

Allow individual users to have their own personal video room to meet with friends and colleagues, with individual room settings being set by the user.

Group Rooms

Members can meet in specific group rooms, that can be always on, like clubhouses or arrange to meet at a certain time


Give your store owners the complete digital storeowner experience, adding video to their stalls

Storefront Rooms

Allow store owners to create the most immersive digital store experience for their customers and coming soon, video assisted buying.

Personal Rooms

Store owners can also meet staff and other members in their personal rooms that can have a different look and can run concurrently to their storefront video rooms.

For WooBookings

Allow your booking site to become virtual, and connect customers and providers with video simply and easily 

1:1 Booking Rooms

Run digital experiences that are bookable with Woocommerce Bookings and MyVideoRoom, allowing users to meet securely.

Group Bookings

Set up group bookings for small events and one to many sessions, for coaching or meetings, even record these session for user later on.

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