Themed room based video so real it is like you are there

MyVideoRoom is for everyone

  • Select a theme from the theme library to set the scene for the chat, or build your own
  • Allow guests to wait in a customisable reception or lobby
  • Experience individualised, secure and intuitive video calls like never before
  • Add video to your site, quickly and easily with our feature rich plug-ins

Themed Rooms

Themed Rooms brings the experience of being there closer, connect with colleagues and friends in a room that suits your personality and ambience 

Drag 'n Drop In

Allow guests and administrators to move easily between tables in a conference room or from one room to another, joining another call

Guest Reception/Lobby

Guests can wait your reception area with your own look and feel including streaming welcoming videos

Secure Video Chats

Video has never been this secure, user level security and permissions allows for the most granular video security available.

Streaming Events

Stream events to a virtual audience and to your favourite social media platform for the most interactive virtual event experience.

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