MyVideoRoom Enterprise

Omnichannel Video as a service

Bring the magic of video delivery…to Everything you do. From Customer connection and sales, to support, service, and own team collaboration. Anywhere, anytime, inexpensive and simple.

Easy, Composable Video Applications

Deliver Any Service by Video Quickly

Powerful Video Technology to Do....not just Talk

There are 100 Million people and businesses that would like to do many of their Activities by video.....not just talk.


Inexpensive Platform that is typically 75% less - and has great margins


Easy Templates that let you DO stuff by Video. Re-sell or build your own

Do it Yourself

Plug and go solution – simple out of the box no code or powerful API

Modular and Flexible

Video for Popular Plugins or your own

"We built our site on MyVideoRoom by ClubCloud to get bookings, video, and coaching stores all in one platform"
A Dale
CTO Just Coach Ltd

Simple and Builtin

Video Rooms without Code

Meetings and Events

Virtual Offices

Retail, Virtual and E-Stores


Straight Forward Video Calls

Consult, Perform, and Book

Greener, Empowered Customer Connections that level the playing field

Life Style


Education, Social/Community Network, Professional Bodies, Outreach sites all with immersive Video allowing more people to join in

Do From Home

Video Technology that makes it easier to do what you do, from home. Converting Millions of previously "unzoomable" jobs into balanced lives

Your Platform Your Data

Many mass platforms from Hopin, OnlyFans, and others take larger commissions, and keep user data. We provide means to run their own


Less Travel

Thousands of new activities become Video Enabled, making the choice of when to travel yours, and lessening travel carbon

Less Paper

By Integrating Video into other software much paper is reduced as things can be done in one call without referrals, forms, and documents which can be completed on the call.

Less E-Waste

We use only normal device cameras, microphones, screens etc, and don't need special soon to be obsolete equipment.


Level Playing Field

Developers, Websites, individuals, and small businesses can use state of the art tech with no code giving them a chance to compete with the big players bridging the gap. Individuals can use a ready to go SaaS platform


Reducing Complexity reduces the digital divide. We make rooms that look and feel like the real room you would go into, and make it easy for users of all skill levels to participate


Both our SaaS, and Server versions are priced for global relevance. With many use cases costing a fraction of incumbents. This allows a new much bigger impact to many people

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